Dutch paintings

Dutch paintings are loaded with symbolism and it is always a challenge to create a photo with a hidden world of deeper meaning.

I. “The Pandemic Diet” was made during COVID19 quarantine period when most restaraunts were closed (ang gyms too). In this picture viewers can find references to the themes of pollution, overconsumption, global warming and other contemporary issues.

II. Second one “Still life with dumplings” is a calendar picture for UVIC. All yummy products in one shot. UVIC`s star product is “Chinese dumplings” (Hiina pelmeenid), so pistachio branches were chosen for decoration (in China it is a symbol of health, happiness and good fortune).

III. “Bad News Blues” (March 2022). 2022 was about economic recession, wars and other sensitive content. It was a spontaneously taken photo – a result of accumulated stress and emotions.