Photo & design

ENG. Pictures for Veganic B2B catalogue... read more

Pictures of vegan products were taken: steaks, deli meat, pulled meat etc. Veganic brand is focused on the development, production and sale of plant-based protein foods. At the moment, they are a significant participant in the food industry market in Estonia and also supply their products to the EU countries. I`ve also designed B2B catalogue for print and digital.

Idea & food styling: AT Photography
Photography & retouch: AT Photography
Graphic design: AT Photography


EST. Toidufotograafia ja kataloogi kujundamine Veganicu jaoks.. loe edasi

Veganicu uue sarja pildistamine B2B kataloogi jaoks. Veganic (Ecotrade OU) on Eesti toiduainetööstusturu oluline osaline ning tarnib oma tooteid Euroopa Liidu riikidesse, pakkudes oma tootemargi all üle 30 tootenimetuse.

Toidustilistika: AT Photography
Toidufotograafia & retouch: AT Photography
Graafiline disain: AT Photography


RUS. Фотографии для каталога Veganic.. читать дальше

Фотосессия для новых товаров бренда Veganic – веганские колбасы, ветчины, стейки и другие растительные заменители мяса. Был также свёрстаны каталоги для печати и его дигитальная версия.

Фуд-стайлинг: AT Photography
Фотография & ретушь: AT Photography
Графический дизайн: AT Photography